Q: How much does it cost to book a nanny?
A: A booking fee of $20 is taken up front via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account) as a non-refundable booking fee. If you would like to use us more than one day the booking fee decreases to $15 then $10 any additional days. The hourly rate is $9 for one child and $1.50 per hour for each additional child.  There is a transportation fee of $7.  The hourly rate and transportation fee is paid to the nanny in cash the night of each booking.

Groups of 12 or more: Call or email for rates.

Q: How old are your nannies?
A: Our nannies are all over the age of 21.

Q: Are all of your nannies women?
A: Yes.  We may use “mannies” for large conferences but not on an individual basis.

Q: How far in advance do you need to book a nanny?
A: As soon as you know you will need a nanny is best but we need at least 48 hours notice.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of hours to be booked?
A: There is a 4 hour minimum but no maximum. Our nannies are available 24/7.

Q: Are you available on holidays?
A: Yes, the hourly rate will be calculated as time and a half.

Q: Is the booking fee $20 each time if I book more than one day?
A: No, the booking fee decreases to $15 the second booking and $10 for any additional bookings.  These must all be made at one time.

Q: How do I book a nanny?
A: Either email grannynannymo@yahoo.com, text or call 417-294-5900.

Q: Can you care for special needs children?
A: Yes.  We have several nannies that are capable of caring for children with disabilities or other special needs.

Q: Do you have a place for us to drop our kids off?
A: No.  We come to you.  This is for your convenience. The nanny will come to your hotel/resort/home. Our nannies are available 24/7.

Q. Are your nannies licensed?
A. Our nannies are registered to be child care providers in the state of Missouri. They also have background checks.

Q. Do we need to have a room number to book a nanny?
A. No. Our nannies will check in at the front desk of your hotel/resort. Once she checks in, the front desk staff will call to make sure you are ready for her. The front desk clerk will give your nanny directions to your room.

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